Tips on How to Donate Your Car

ere is another tip I felt would benefit others. Since locally here in South Florida we are having donations of vehicles to help for our local charities.

Refinancing Your Mortgage - Insights and Help

So I been asked about a certain offer we have in our business and I wanted to touch base about it cause I feel some people don't understand there options.

Best Practices for Sharing Content And Getting Valued Traffic

I tend to get this question a lot with my clients, “Alex, how can I take my content and be able to get the traffic quickly?

New Design for Google Adwords is Here!

I noticed this morning in my Google Adwords accounts that the new design is finally here! Google announced a few months ago about it, and now it is here!

Born of the Gods Booster Box

As I promised before I want to go ahead and do another contest. I decided to go ahead and give away a free booster box to one lucky winner when the set becomes released!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

About Alexander Hemedinger

Alexander Hemedinger is an Internet Marketing specialist with over 8 years experience. A native to Florida, he has received his Associates Degree in Computer Science from the University of Phoenix. He Specializes in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, and Social Media Marketing. Alex has worked with several large companies such as KFC, Denny's, and universities around the United States to help achieve their internet success!

Alexander is happily married with his high school sweet heart, Jennifer Williams. He has two children and resides currently in Coral Springs, Florida.

Specialties include: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Web Design.
Still not enough here what experts see in the future:

Facebook will have a 17.7 percent share of the market for online display ad sales this year.
That’s eMarketer’s latest forecast for 2011; in March the consultancy first said that Facebook was on track to outsell Yahoo and Google in the online display ad market.
By contrast, Facebook had 12.2 percent of the online display ad sales market in 2010. And eMarketer expects the social network to take 19.4 percent of the online display ad market in 2012.source:
Online sales in France, Germany, Italy and Spain are rising more rapidly than those in market leader the UK. B2C ecommerce in these four countries will grow an estimated 15.2% in 2011, to $93.5 billion. By 2015, the total will approach $149 billion.  source: