Tips on How to Donate Your Car

ere is another tip I felt would benefit others. Since locally here in South Florida we are having donations of vehicles to help for our local charities.

Refinancing Your Mortgage - Insights and Help

So I been asked about a certain offer we have in our business and I wanted to touch base about it cause I feel some people don't understand there options.

Best Practices for Sharing Content And Getting Valued Traffic

I tend to get this question a lot with my clients, “Alex, how can I take my content and be able to get the traffic quickly?

New Design for Google Adwords is Here!

I noticed this morning in my Google Adwords accounts that the new design is finally here! Google announced a few months ago about it, and now it is here!

Born of the Gods Booster Box

As I promised before I want to go ahead and do another contest. I decided to go ahead and give away a free booster box to one lucky winner when the set becomes released!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Looks Like T-Mobile & - Link Buying

T-Mobile Link Scheme
As if this wasn't an obvious reasons from Google's Policies, you know that buying and exchanging links are a "no no"....

To have a public back and forth discussion on a social media platform for others to see is so bad! I guess we know someone will be fired soon in their SEO strategies!

What makes it worse Matt Cutts apparently saw this as well. What do you think is going to transpire cause of this? Honestly, I wouldn't be suprised....

T-Mobile Buying Links

There discussion can be found here.

I was able to get in touch with them and bring this up, apparently they are "saddened" and wondering why this is happening. Well I hope Matt Cutts takes this seriously and looks further into this. If companies of this size are trying to do these sneaky tactics, they deserve to be punished like the rest of us regardless of our size or wallets..... Here was our discussion:

Link Exchange T-Mobile

Let me know your thoughts about all this, do you feel they deserve punishment? Perhaps because it was an outsource or individual they shouldn't? Till next time!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Does Mobile Search Results Affect Desktop?

Mobile Search Results Google

This discussion today on got me thinking and dug into a little bit deeper into the search results. Now I didn't find anything that could really verify any of these beliefs but be sure to give your opinions below.

If you are interested in the discussion, you can read it here.

In other news, I decided to start doing some video blogs about discussions, topics, questions, etc. I want to know your thoughts and always looking to connect in some way. I hope to do some more editing and being able to keep you informed of all things SEO, Paid Search, and Social Media. I do apologize for not writing or being active on my site as much, we just launched and work is going crazy! Hopefully I can have some more down time. Anyways, enjoy the quick video!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Great Twitter Program to Build Influencers: Target Pattern

If it’s one particular program I have been invited too and enjoyed recently it’s most certainly this one!

Target Pattern Twitter

Target Pattern is a great way to build your Twitter audience and actually have the engagement we so desperately want. I can’t express how quickly not only my targeted audience has become but how when I share my ideas and content how it’s shared throughout. 

I have seen an increase of around 30% of my referral traffic from Twitter ever since using this program. I must say I was quite skeptical at first, but was proven wrong!
One of the milestone’s was being followed and actually engaged with one of the most influential social media woman, @SandiKrakowski. She was named the top 20 woman in social media by Forbes Magazine. To be even more excited I been invited to write an article to become a influencer in the Paid search area!

I must say if it wasn’t for Target Pattern I have no idea how my reach couldn’t have made it. I am sure other programs are similar and had some great success, but I wanted to share my thoughts and success with it!

(If it's one thing I cannot stress enough is how SEO will now be about the influence and weight you carry for being a trusted source. If you can build a genuine and organic following of others who are in your industry, who wouldn't want to share your thoughts!? )

The payment plans are most certainly affordable, you can view them here. If you have any questions or maybe you had personal experiences like mine, let me know! Thanks guys!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tips on How to Donate Your Car

Here is another tip I felt would benefit others. Since locally here in South Florida we are having donations of vehicles to help for our local charities. So I hope you find these tips helpful if you decide to donate your car to your local charity.

Donating your car to charities will not just definitely benefit organizations in funding their research or humanitarian efforts but also benefit you as a donor as you could be eligible for tax deductions for your charitable donation. Car donating has been popularly known as one of the very feasible ways of contributing to charity while at the same time avoiding the hassle of selling it.
donate your car
Donating a car to charities has been well known and practiced by some people today and individual who are trying to sell their cars but don’t want to experience the hassle of doing so also resort to donating their cars to charity. If you are one of those who are planning to donate your car, there are some things you must consider to maximize your donations. Note that there are potential pitfalls that you might experience when donating a car. Some of these are the large profits that middle men take out when hiring them while others are just scammers trying to extort money from you. Thus, to avoid having difficulties when donating a vehicle, here are some of the pointers you may follow:   

      Choose a reliable charity.

There are many charities that exist out there. When choosing a charity, pick one that accepts car donations. Make an inquiry if they are using vehicles or if they are going to sell it to fund a charitable projects and alike. There are charities that use cars for haulage or deliveries. If they are going to sell the vehicle, ask them of how much of the proceeds will be put on the charity’s fund. Also, make sure that the charity you choose to donate is qualified to receive tax deductible contributions. Organizations that mostly qualify for tax deductible contributions are churches, temples or mosque. Asking the organization of your choice about this valuable information is important to make sure that they are putting your charitable contribution into good use.


       If possible, avoid hiring car donation organizations and middlemen.

Middlemen and car donation organizations can help you with the paper works needed for transferring your donation. However, most of them take their own cut before the charity receives your donation. If you are thinking of using the service of middlemen, ask if how much of the proceeds the charity will receive. If the charity will likely receive a flat fee per month, your donation may not be qualified for tax deduction from IRS. 

      Make sure to transfer your car and the title to the charity correctly.

Transfer the car to the charity of your choice including the title. Make sure sign as well as date the release of the new ownership of the vehicle. Never leave the ownership title blank to avoid the responsibility of speeding fines, parking tickets that might be run up in your name if you fail to transfer the ownership title even if your car is already in the custody of the recipient of your donation.

      Make your donation successful by completing all the paperwork.

In order to be legible in receiving tax deduction contributions, complete the IRS form 8283. In cases that the charity of your choice received over $500 from your car donation, complete the said form together with the acknowledgement that the donation has taken place and received by the charity. You should also present the receipt of the vehicle’s amount if it is sold by the charity together with other documentation that it has been sold. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Refinancing Your Mortgage - Insights and Help

So I been asked about a certain offer we have in our business and I wanted to touch base about it cause I feel some people don't understand there options. So I was asked about Mortgage Refinancing and I wanted to touch a little bit about it. Sorry if it isn't anything PPC or SEO related.

Mortgage Refinancing

You should always put lots of thought into making a large financial decision like refinancing your mortgage. Even though it may seem like you could get a lower rate, lower your payments or even cash out some of your saved funds, refinancing can often involve other costs as well, including additional closing costs to secure your new refinanced loan.

Ideally, if you plan to refinance, you should pick the best time and do it only once. While you aren't going to be able to predict the future, keeping an eye on the market for good pricing trends and great rates can help you pick a time when it would be the most beneficial to you.

Some homeowners choose to refinance their mortgages because they'd like to get our of debt, move into an adjustable-rate mortgage, or release equitable funds in order to purchase additional properties or mortgages.
Before you decide if refinancing is right for you, try to sit down and define what your goals are going to be. You should make a list of all of the things you hope to accomplish by refinancing your home and remember, refinancing doesn't make any of your debt go away, however it can help you reorganize it. Often times, this can be a nice break or change from the same routine when it comes to your finances, giving you the opportunity to make any changes to your accounts, since changes in your lifestyle are frequent.

Another great reason to refinance would be if you're seeking to consolidate multiple smaller debts. If you have more than one mortgage or equity loans, consider putting the two payments into one fixed-rate payment. Then you can level out your payments during the time of your loan, without putting yourself into a hardship type situation.

For those who are considering refinancing their mortgages, oftentimes the question is not why, but when. If you're currently paying more for your home than it's worth it may be possible to refinance your home loans using the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP). Other types of re-financing involve cash-out plans or 'vanilla' refinancing. For any type of refinancing program, you'll also want to be sure that you put your credit history and score in order, this way you can apply for lower rates and better terms.

Refinancing your home loan or multiple mortgages can help you save more money, but it's also necessary to keep from paying into costs which will eat it. Understand that you will always pay the closing costs for a mortgage, no matter what they call them, (origination points, higher interest or higher overall loan amounts) so don't be suckered into thinking you've found a mortgage with no closing costs. Other expenses can involve private insurance or similar lenders fees.

If you have any questions about refinancing your mortgage or you'd like to speak with a professional financial adviser about your options, please don't hesitate to contact one of my good friends at Mortgage Matchers. Interest rates are currently lower than they have been in years, slowly becoming stable again after years of uncertainty in the housing market. Don't miss this opportunity to refinance your own home loan.  

Friday, January 24, 2014

Best Practices for Sharing Content & Getting Valued Traffic

I tend to get this question a lot with my clients, “Alex, how can I take my content and be able to get the traffic quickly?”

Well, the these are some steps I take in sharing my content and being able to increase Alexa rank and overal SERP’s (search engine result position).

Sharing Content

1.       Share your new post on all social media platforms.

 Begin sharing on all your accounts, but not just the main post. You want to also post in the groups as well. Did you even know Linked In, Facebook, and Google Plus have those? If not, I suggest you either create one in your market or look for some that are relative to not only your post…. But your audiences as well.

Don’t even forget to hashtag the discussion that may be popular for others to discover as well. I see this strategy overlooked a lot. Although it may not see immediate results from this, it’s best to conquer all areas then to question “have I done it?”

2.       Post on forums and discussions.

 The main one I find to help a lot is Reddit. This site can do wonders for traffic! I mean gaining quick traffic with people constantly browsing for things is great. You wouldn’t imagine the different topics you can find that will fit your post. So be sure to look into this one as a priority.

3.       Place photo’s on Pinterest, Tumblr, and other picture oriented sites from your content.

If you have an image that your posting about, or just perhaps something to place in the content to make it more visual for the readers… share it! There are ton of websites to work with on your image. Be sure to link it. (Sure it may not be a back link, but it’s still an outside traffic referral source.)

4.       Social bookmark your content.

Sure Digg isn’t the same as it used to be, but it is still a source. I find to use Stumble Upon Toolbar a lot more cause  I actually see the page index from it, and it's convient. But be sure to use this tactic as another source for people to share as well.

For more information I would be sure to refer to this site. I believe his outline covers mine but gives some additional tips. Best of luck and keep writing!