Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Between the Sweets Review

between the sweets

I was very excited to hear about the new restaurant opening here in my hometown of Coral Springs, Florida. The menu looked very promising and being the fat person that loves all things american and fried I had to stop by for my experience. If you like check them out here.

I decided to go with my good friend Brandon as him and I go to different spots all the time. I told him about the place and the menu and to try a various amount of foods to give the place a chance.

Let the Party Begin

Or so we thought.... we were confused of the concept of getting up to get our own drinks. We thought the concept was interesting but almost made us feel like we were in a Chipoltle concept..... Not to say this was a horrible or the main reason we didn't get to enjoy our experience, we were just confused on the concept. So we got our drinks and began to first open up with an appetizer.

We ordered the Buffalo Pita Nachos. Again the concept seem interesting having fried chicken, buffalo ranch sauce, blue cheese, and pita chips. We first noticed how quick the turn around was and was concerned and impressed. We both said, "cheers" and began our first bite.... and probably last.

The food was needless to say awful. I mean horrible. The blue cheese was raw, sauce was cold, I could go on. How about the fact the pita chips weren't even crispy and tasted doughy still. We immediately decided that it can only get better - right?

We decided not to complain as we wanted to get the full experience possible to see how the rest would go. The thing that confused us was it wasn't busy at all on a weekday at noon. Which gave us a red flag as well. So let's go on to the entree.

Entree Time

Brandon ordered the B-T Avacodo and I did the Super Grilled Cheese to play it on the safe side. Both of us got the chips. Our food again came pretty quickly, when we finished we both described the good and bad of each.

The good - chips were crispy and felt fresh. The grilled cheese was super cheesy and had various flavors. Avocado on the B-T was fresh and tasted good.

The BAD - Oh man, how to go on? Well certain part of the cheese, mainly  the smoked mozzarella was cold and chunky, You would think a grilled cheese would be properly temperature to melt. The bread itself was just not impressive and probably the concept of it being a waffle isn't the best.... But that's just a personal preference and nothing against the food. Brandon explained the sandwich was just too bland and mainly overflowed with the avocado. I wish I could get more into detail but unfortunately I even myself can save the $11 price and just make it at home.... What a joke.


between the sweets bad

The only grace that saved this place was the Smore Dip. I would recommend this place as a desert and highly recommend to rather save your money and at least take it home. Oh and a good note is never EVER take any of this food to go. If you end up placing an order to go, it gets worse. You are better off eating it as fresh as possible as the food just simply tastes awful and soggy taking home, save yourself the trouble.....

Also if you want to know more information on an inspection: (I am not claiming they failed, this is just public information shared freely. I take no responsibility in slandering any company.)


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