Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Born of the Gods Booster Box

Born of the Gods Logo

As I promised before I want to go ahead and do another contest. I decided to go ahead and give away a free booster box to one lucky winner when the set becomes released!

What  I would like to do differently this time is that the winner actually do a video or article response showing their new box and actually opening up the packs! So if this is something that you feel can do, then go ahead and share this post!

Every entry will be entered into the contest software provided by Hootsuite. Every entry can be entered by either Google plus, Facebook share, Twitter tweet, or even blog mentions.

If you mention on twitter be sure to include @alexhemedinger. I noticed last contest that wasn't done and required me to personally find all twitter shares etc.

The contest was very successful last time, that my wife truly thanks you all for you support!

Also, if any of you have any contests in the future that you would like to see (be reasonable). I will go ahead and consider it.

P.S. I made top 8 at our recent PTQ in Florida! Best of luck to all!


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