Monday, January 20, 2014

Warning! Top 7 Reasons for a Google Penalty! Run Away!

Google Penalty Warning
I am going to be brutally honest here, I am seriously annoyed with this situation on Google’s penalty! I wanted to put together a list of serious causes that your site may be hit with a manual or automatic penalty from Google.

Recently one of the site’s managing has become penalized for the second time….. That’s right the second time! I hope this list helps you so that this may never happen to you personally, or explain better to your cient what may have transpired to their penalty to begin with. Although in usual cases I would suggest to abandon the site instead of constantly trying to remove a penalty. It requires countless hours of work and I hope none of you do any of these, or begin to:

1.       Buying links – This is a tricky and grey area, cause it can and can’t be caught. But one thing is for sure if your purposely buying links to manipulate rankings, then it may catch up to you. From my experiences I would stay away from Web Directories!
2.       Duplicate Content – This one is pretty obvious: Any duplicate content on your site is going to make it less useful, end of story! So make sure content is unique and well-written. Copygator and Copyscape are great tools!
3.       Keyword Stuffing – You have to be real careful on this one. It may/may not help you. The rules aren’t proven at which percentage is the correct ratio, but just be sure to spread and it reads well. Don’t let Google find weird high numbers of keywords on a page.
4.       Too many outbound links – When linking to other websites, make sure it is kept natural. Don’t try to make high quantity of links or swapping with others.
5.       Excessive blocking of robots.txt – This is a flaw I see too common. This can bring an immediate red flag to Google. We understand you may need to do some for legitimate reasons, but don’t overdo it!
6.       Comment spam – Keep a close eye on your comments you are getting. Try to have installed an automatic system on your site.
7.       Spun Content – Oh how much I love when I see this…. This is common and will catch up to you in the future. Be sure to stay away from this tactic, especially if it seems to good to be true. Overall, don’t do it!

There are honestly tons and tons of more other reasons as to why Google penalization may be in place. Rented links, buying tons of keyword domains, 301 redirects, etc….. The best is to stay away from anything unnatural. Put great effort into user friendliness, useability, great content, and more! 


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