Monday, January 6, 2014

What to Expect for PPC in 2014?

My good friend and co-worker Daniel Rosenstein came with a great list to ask yourselves to bring in the new year of 2014 for PPC. I then took this and gave my personal answers. What kind of answers would you give base on your experience for 2013? Love to hear them!

PPC 2014

Review the PPC stats of 2013, learn from old data, make changes accordingly.

This is the overall importance of looking into the new year with your PPC campaign. Look at important data involving your goals. See how you can increase your ROI with adjustments on devices, times, areas, and other ways to optimize. Maybe it’s time to review your negative keyword list?
How does PPC compare to other marketing channels?

It’s a real simple answer whether PPC is working or not for you. Be sure to look into the new trends and beta testings to help PPC work for you.

Set new goals for 2014.

Of course stay with the ones’ making you money, but look for new ideas and goals to excite you to
continue to work on your campaign. Do testing, testing, testing!

Be proactive to discuss goals and expectations with upper management.

If you’re the decision maker, then this one doesn’t apply to you. But be sure to speak your mind with others and don’t let them tell you what they are looking for or need. Be the proactive one, it makes you look good!

Make sure you know who are all the stake holders that are involved in your PPC results or tracking leads or the people who follow with leads, etc..

This is so important. Know as much data as possible that may help you in the overall cost per acquisition. It could be something as simple looking into gender or interests.

Figure out what is working previously and fine tune account.

They say whatever is working don’t break it or touch it. Well you need to always optimize. Even if the goals are being met, try to conitinously work on improvement, don’t always assume the great results will last forever….

Is an account restructure needed?

Some accounts may not need to be fully restructured, perhaps the overall layout and goals are working. But none the less, always watch closely and make any changes needed. Test before, there is no commitment on new ideas.

How is the current landing page fairing, is it time for more landing pages?

If a landing page is becoming outdated or there is a new layout to try since competitors are using. Always try new designs and A/B test everything.

How can you use PPC to help your SEO?

It’s a tricky one, but can the traffic help your rankings, perhaps gain some more social popularity? These are things we think of even though PPC has no bearing on your rankings organically. We like to think PPC can help bring awareness and branding. Think long term.

Do you need additional Analytics to help you do better PPC? What software are you using to enhance your current PPC ? Are you using Google Analytics, Crazyegg, Clicktale, Adobe, etc…

Be sure to take advantage of any analytics or software to enhance your results. Don’t just rely on Google to do the work for you. There is ton of PPC management, analytics, and other softwares to help improve your ROI. Don’t be lazy!

It’s 2014 and the new year is ready to go. I hope it gives you some insight of what the PPC marketer’’s are thinking. Don’t be left behind, command and conquer!


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