Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hummingbird SEO Update Working Organically Now?

Google Hummingbird

That is the question we are all asking ourselves is how this update will be affecting SEO? Well as it shows more than 90% of it will affect us. 

When I heard about this update I wanted to capitolize and test to see where the searches were going now. I instantly was able to use a blog post with a giveaway and using minimul social media engagement only using Reddit. 

It was for a good cause and actually was a gift for my wife to show the positive impact that people have in showing respect and excitement for something free! Within one hour’s time people were sharing the post and commenting reguarly. Starting to see big page views and other referral urls from other sources people used to share from their own social media accounts.
By the end of the first day I started to see over 5,000 page views, 700 Google pluses, 70 Twitter shares, 80 Facebook likes, and tons of adds on social media. 

Of course I was excited personally from an SEO perspective but more importantly able to show a good cause that people truly do care. There is a big lesson here from small business and big business.
Now for the fun part…….. I started to see organic results hitting my blog and started to run ranking reports. Well to my surprise I was hitting over 3 keywords organically first position with my authorship! (Yes I have personalized results hidden) 

Of course there is a negative aspect to all this. Google did actually update their Google Authorship in hitting rankings, but stay positive and still utilize the tool! Don’t give up! 

Overall, for me what I see working is being able to write great content, people sharing and engaging and building your authorship and trust with Google. This is the future and I know with social media engagement we are going to see some great results as Google wants to become more personable in the search results! 

Tell what has been working for you since the update? Any tips and tricks welcome to share!


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