Monday, December 23, 2013

Willie's One Year Adoption Update:

It's amazing the difference in saving a dog than just going to the pet store and buying one. I will admit I was nervous at first, cause I don't know how he was treated before. But we took a chance and it was worth it!

When we first received him he was originally raised by an elderly woman and wasn't raised well. He was always shaking and unable to cope with the change. He wouldn't eat and always hid under the bed. Of course this could be considered normal since he is scared and the difference in the environment.

Willie One Year Old Adoption
Sienna (left), Lexi (right), & Willie.

After a few days he started to open up and shown his personality. He was a lively dog and a lot different behavior (not that this is bad) from my previous experiences with Dachshunds. He was very calm and never barked at strangers, he wouldn't become territorial or anything. He even was fine around our one year old son.

What also helped us was my marriage with my wife. He brought us closer because we had something even more in common with the love of animals. We would go on a daily basis to the dog park and just spend time as a family. With work and travel, it's hard to be that "perfect husband". I even felt Willie was able to protect her and keep her company while I was gone. 

As a family we are glad to have Willie a part of our lives and bring us closer. We look forward to many years having him touch our hearts.

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