Monday, December 23, 2013

Modern Masters Booster Box Contest

Congratulations Michael Blecha! You have three days to collect your box! Thanks all for supporting. We will have future giveaways soon!

Well I have a bunch of Modern Masters booster boxes and I am looking to give one away for free to one lucky winner! I figured why not share the love and be able to provide a good service to someone for the holidays and new years.

So anyways it's pretty simple. Just like this post, retweet, or Google + this page. The more you do, the more your entered to win. I will select one lucky person on January 1st 2014 to start the new year right!

I want to also thank the Magic community for their efforts in supporting my family and I through a tough time. You see, we had recently had a loss in the family and wanting to remind ourselves of the good deeds he left behind we share this contest with others.

Modern Masters Booster Box
Modern Masters Booster Boxes

My wife's uncle was a great man. I may not have known him well enough, but I know he is off to a better place. Jennifer if you are reading this post this one is for him! I love you and support you and understand it's tough right now. I wish only for you to heal quickly and continue to remember the good times.

With that said, go ahead and share guys! Let's make this contest a memorable one! Thanks again! (Also in the future I plan on doing some more giveaways and singles. I want to make this blog fun and engaging for all. Add me on Google Plus too!)


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